Atlantis Tarot course summary

Atlantis Tarot course summary

Atlantis Tarot course overview

Lynn Saunders holds Learn Tarot courses on a regular basis, as proprietor of the Atlantis spiritual centre she has many years experience as both Tarot reader and teacher and is giving tarot readings on a daily and weekly basis. The Atlantis Tao course is a two day course that last five hours each day.

There was about nine of us in the group we started out by introducing ourselves and Lynn Saunders giving an overview of the course. We were given our Ryder Waite cards and the work book which were included in the price, then we used Lynns unique association method to remember the Major Arcana, everybody found the method to work very well and as Lynn tested us after each batch of ten cards we were all surprised we could remember the meanings.

After a half hour lunch break at the garden centre cafe we continued with the lesson managing to learn the major arcana correspondences in one day and pretty much remembering them everybody had lots of questions and working with other people made it easier to clarify some of the problems and questions as we went deeper into the course giving each other feedback.

The second day Lynn taught us the minor arcana we arrive 10.30 am and managed to learn most of them pretty well before the break.

After second break we got together in pairs and did readings for each other which turned out to be pretty accurate Lynn gave us advice on how to become better and how to practice.

We left around 330pm pretty well versed in the Taro meanings and correspondences. There is a tarot group on facebook if anyone wishes to join you can check it out here and there will be Tarot meets for anybody to come and learn more these will be announced in the group or you can contact Lynn for further information.

If you wish to enroll on the Tarot course  you can contact Lynn on 07982 824230

or you can join the facebook group by clicking here >> ATLANTIS TAROT FACEBOOK GROUP  it is open to anyone wether you have taken the course or not and is free to join.

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