Soul Plan and Divine Healing Workshop

Soul Plan and Divine Healing Workshop

January 22, 2022 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Atlantis Spiritual Centre
Nadia Aquart

If you resonate with living 2022 even more aligned with your soul and the higher purpose of your life and you’re ready to see your life from the perspective for greater peace, fulfilment and flow. Please join us on an afternoon of discovery and soul alignment.

For those that thrive on the vibe of soulful and meaningful conversations about awakened living and getting to know what your soul was designed to experience in this lifetime this is the workshop for you. Soul Plan is a new interpretation of an ancient system of life purpose analysis. It introduces a totally unique and fascinating method of numerology based on sound and intention using your birth name. Soul Plan sessions prove as a invaluable for those wishing to discover their life and soul purpose. Having a soul plan session has been described as having a map of your life containing information on your challenges, strengths, goals, potential and higher or Soul purpose.

Join us for this insightful group exploration of soul plan. 11am-4pm with an hours lunch break
Please book through Lynn

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