Magic of The Amazon

Magic of The Amazon

March 25, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Having travelled to the wonderful Amazon Rainforest, I met so many tribes and saw and learnt so much that I want to try and transport you into my memories through a guided visualisation so you too can experience what I did and see what I did.
I felt so much magic and energy in the Amazon that I wanted to share it with you all and the First session I held was so successful and moving that Lynn and I wanted to continue running this meditation.

I spent a day with a female shaman (Shamana) in the centre of the Amazon who gave me a blessing and energy gifting to bring back to the Uk And give out to others so near the end of the session I will do just this and give you all what she gave me, It was very sacred and powerful.

Class price is £15
All my proceeds from the class fee will be donated to the Greenpeace save the Rainforest campaign which I am now currently working for.
Any further donations to this project would be very much appreciated but optional.

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