Full Moon Ceremony

Full Moon Ceremony

October 17, 2021 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Atlantis Spiritual Centre
Ruth Zabbar
07479 502695

We will use the Womb Blessing feminine awakening system of Miranda Gray®️

When all women and Moon Mothers around the world use the same meditation it grows in vibration and energy, enabling women to experience quicker and deeper connection and healing.

When we take part in a Full Moon Worldwide Womb Blessing, it brings feelings of love and wellbeing, and they continue to create beautiful and amazing changes within us and to our lives even after the ceremony.Each Full Moon, Worldwide Womb Blessing offers us a female sanctuary in our stressful lives to restore our female energies and help us to stay connected to our femininity in a world that constantly tries to disconnect us.

Every woman taking part also has an important role in changing the world. The more women who take part in each Worldwide Womb Blessing, the more feminine energy surrounds the Earth and the more the world awakens to the female energies.

Men are welcome to join.

We will share some nibbles and celebrate together at the end of the day. Bring 2 small bowls, a shawl and your open heart. Limited places, contact Ruth Zabbar to book

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