Corinne Cooke

Corinne Cooke

Corinne shares yogic techniques, principles of Ayurveda and holistic healing methods to bring about positive lifestyle changes, improved mental & physical health, balance, spiritual connection & transformation.

With a passion for yoga philosophy, sacred mantra and Ayurveda, she loves to bring these ancient practices to the modern world. Sharing yoga sadhana and Ayurveda, as a lifestyle for enhancing health and wellbeing naturally and holistically.

She generally works one to one with women to support them in unlocking their own natural healing abilities and potential, through various options such as:-

• One to one Yoga classes – specific to your needs, with therapeutic focus.

• Ayurvedic consultation and support for lifestyle changes, diet and self-care.

• Personalised Sadhana – (disciplined and dedicated practice) to support lifestyle changes for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance and growth.

• Counsel, support and guidance – Holistic life guidance with a spiritual foundation.

• Holistic therapies and treatments (energy medicine & aromatherapy)

Corinne promotes a holistic approach which views the person as a whole – mind, body, and spirit to bring lasting health, wellness, spiritual growth, mental and emotional balance to your life.

She believes the relationship between the individual and practitioner is so important – being one of the key elements in having an effective process and outcomes. For this reason, she offers an initial free no obligation consultation to understand one other and see what resonates.

Contact her on:-

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