Charlotte Clarke

Charlotte Clarke

Charlotte is the Self Connect Champ; a psychology expert, Shamanic healer and speaker. She’s on a mission to help women turn up their intuition, champions them to make CHOICEs that feel good for them, so they can confidently create a life on their terms.

In November 2019, Charlotte began her ancestral / intergenerational healing journey as part of the Silver Spoons Collective which culminated in an experiential exhibition in Lancaster (where the Pendle witch trials took place) in 2022. Her intention “I am reclaiming my voice, to speak my truth freely and safely. I am breaking the cycle of my ancestral line feeling unheard. This ends with me” directed her inner healing journey and the creative piece displayed in the exhibition. Charlotte continues working with the Silver Spoons Collective to collectively heal the inherited wounds of the “Burning Times” and provides healing support for others looking to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma in their ancestral line.

Atlantis has been a spiritual home to Charlotte since she arrived for psychic development and has seen her complete her shamanic training as an Owl with Lynn. Charlotte is also a Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher.

Charlotte works online, with offerings including: one-on-one intuitive coaching/healing, an intuitive card reading course, a monthly In The Week Retreat, group programmes, and experiential events and retreats.

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